tirsdag den 5. februar 2013

First mock up of the A/B to M40 project

Has been thinking of putting a Volvo transmission in my PU, so here is the first mock up that - sorry for the lousy pictures!

And here is one of the reason, I haven't posted in a long time. Have been working on the fourdoor and my own tudor, and here's what I saw, when I removed the valve cover.

So I'm now sure, that the head on that B-engine wasn't the only thing wrong with it - no wonder why I couldn't get it to run propperly! :-(

torsdag den 29. november 2012

"New" head on an old fourdoor.

Tonight I didn't get to do anything on my own project, as Brian asked me to help him with some work on a beautiful, black '31 fourdoor.
The part-owner, a business associate of Brian, bought this beautiful fourdoor late model A with his father-in-law some years back, but didn't prepare it for winter storage, and therefore the water, and not coolant, expanded at frezzing temperature, cracking the head.
So we needed to install a new head, so it can get ready for a wedding at the 10th of December.

I immediately spotted, that it was a “C” head with the three bolt water pump, and saw to my delight, this beautiful car was equipped with a G28T motor, modified to fit the model A.
And again, this one has also had the full aluminum oil pan cut to fit a model A front bell housing – I cannot grasp, why people are doing this, instead of using the model B bell housing and gearbox.
Brian found an old G28T head in the storage, but it was in pretty bad shape, so he welded the corner of the cast iron head with the tig welder.

We lay a modern gasket under it, and as Brian was putting the head on, I had to leave in order to get home with the last train-bus connection.
I haven't heard from him, so I guess, it started up perfect and that it's not leaking.

Keep 'em kruzin!

torsdag den 15. november 2012

More cut'n'weld

Yesterday I finished a number plate for a friend and fellow Copenhagen Custom Cruiser, Søren, for his café racer inspired stretch bicycle project. He wanted a plate on his front fork, where headlight normally goes, to keep the style of café racer, so I started working on an oval sign, similar to the old enamel DK-signs, when we were at the exibition at the Bella center, and finished it yesterday.

After that, I got about half an hour's work done, so I did some more "cut, bend and weld"-job on the back brace.

torsdag den 25. oktober 2012

Barrels of fun, and the back starts to get some shape

With the show coming up next weekend, preperations has to be made – and this year’s decoration will consist of oil barrels – lots of oil barrels! So last night went by with planning and the painting of Pirate Kustomz logo on the side of them.

Ole gik på tønden! (A Danish expression for going to the little house.)

After the paint job, I got barely an hour’s work done, but I got started on the inner frame for the back, based on the shape on the wooden back brace. A pure cut, slice and weld job!

Next week we’ll be hauling barrels to Bella, and the week after usually goes with unpacking after the show, so it’ll properbly be a couple of weeks, before I’m back and working on the back.

torsdag den 18. oktober 2012

Tape and wood

My iPhone broke! For the first time in the 2 years and 7 months, and after the last drop on concrete, and  the charging plug in is loose, so it will not charge. I must say, that iPhone has impressed me - been dropped on the floor/ground/table/garage floor/ asphalt a couple of dosin times, been dropped in a tub of engine cooling fluid and been run over by my Tudor, but it kept on going! I'll miss you, old friend... So I'm now without my smartphone, but I'll try to keep posting (almost!) weekly, so bare over with me, if the picture quality drops or it takes several days before the post is up.

This week I stumbled upon an old enamel sign in the shop, stating "Use the mat" - my thoughts went elesewhere, as the mat is slang for the hairy area above a woman's privates...

After going around the shop, laughing for my self about the sign, I got to work. With some help from Oliver and Mads "the mini munk, the body came back on the subframe, and I started mocking up the body-to-be with wooden parts and tape.
I cut up some old pipes from a bicycle frame, so the doors could be aligned.

Jag-Per came by in hos Ford (k)A (if he'd just remove the k from his trunk lid, that gas-saver would be sooo much kuuler!), and found the windshield deco funny.

Next week - trying to get some shape to the back, the B-post mocked up, and possibly weld the rear "legs" in pace.

Keep 'em kruzin!

torsdag den 11. oktober 2012

"She got legs..."

Tonight started with a mini-quadbike race, where I beat Oliver once, Victor once, he beat me twice, and Oliver I don't know how many times!

After that, there were some people comming by: a couple of rigid frames- Panhead and Knucklehead, a couple of guys with some work for Tim on a '39 cowl for a woody, and a Mustang, that needs widening. Kuul projects, and I still need to get a Knucklehead... some day!
Besides, I actually got some real work done! I closed the curtain to the welding shop, so I didn't mess up the rest of the shop, and for some reason, that kept people out.
I managed to make the two rear "legs" for the subframe, cutting and welding like last on the ones i front, but this time I also remembered to grind them after welding, while they were still loose!

Testing after bending:

Complete, to be welded into place.

Now all I have to do is to find out, exactly where they should be welded to the subframe- but now "she got legs"!

Keep 'em kruzin!

tirsdag den 9. oktober 2012

Tuesdays subframe

I was actually only going out to the Pirate shop in order to dismount the pedals off of my strech bicycle, which I've sold, and the plan was to go early to pick up a new set of pedals. But I got an urgent case at work, so left there so late, the shops were closed, when I was done with the pedal work.
So I made good use of the time, and decided to stay for a while, in order to weld the last mounting brace to the subframe, while the chassis was still laying down.

After that, it can be moved off the chassis frame, and to a much smaller spot, untill it is nessecary to put it back on the chassis.

Plan for tomorrow: Cut and weld a set of legs to the back, and maybe a brace for the small "running board", which will be between front and rear legs.

Keep 'em kruzin!